Jupiter Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a PCB EDA Solution Company, based in Bangalore the Silicon City of India. JDT offers total solution on PCB layout design and fabrication for both commercial and MIL requirement. JDT has design tools like ORCAD, CADENCE & ZUKEN’S with design capabilities of RF/HF, D/S & Multi Layer, Rigid & Flex Rigid PCBs, IPC & MIL Standards, EMI/EMC & Signal Integrity Verification, RC and Reverse Engineering of PCBs. JDT prefers design technologies like Analog & Digital High Speed Designs, Analog Switching Mode, BGA, Through Hole & Mixed Layout, Buried, Blind & Micro Via, Split Power Plane, Differential Pairs, Shielded & Matched Lines, Intelligent Copper Pouring (polygon), Guard Banding, Control Impedance, etc. JDT is an approved vendor for Space, Aircraft and Defense Laboratories.

Jupiter Design Technologies has principal at Israel called PCB Technologies  specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of board types. The companys emphasis on R&D has helped Jupiter become a market leader in the development and manufacturing of next-generation PCBs.

Jupiter utilizes a variety of technologies in board manufacturing including:
     •  Blind and buried via technology
     •  Micro via technology
     •  Bookbinder" rigid-flex technology
     •  SMT and BGA technology
     •  Backplane Technology
     •  RF and Microwave technology

The company manufactures a wide range of board types including:
     •  Rigid up to 40 layers
     •  Flex and rigid-flex up to 28 layers
     •  Metal core boards: Copper, Aluminum, Copper Invar Copper
     •  Boards with heat sinks: Copper and Aluminum (2D or 3D)

PCB Board

PCB Layout

Power Supply Board