The end-to-end services

Schematic Entry
      Symbol creation
      Foot Print Entry

PCB design Multi layer Rigid and Rigid Flex- IPC/MIL

      Footprint creation as per IPC-7351
      High Density SMT designs
      DDR,DD2,DDR3 Design Expertise
      PCI, PCI Exp
      HDMI, VME, LVDS, RVDS design expertise
      High speed serdes & USB
      Constrains driven Designs
      High speed backplane & Mother boards
      Controled impedance & diff pair
       Mechanical & Electrical Constraints
      Pre & Post Thermal Analysis
      Blind and Buried Vis
      SMT,BGA & Micro BGA
      SI analysis
      Verification & reports
      Fab & Assembly Drawing
      Drill in Excellon format & Mask Files
      Pick & Place data
      To add Pspice ,EMI/MC & other analysis

Photo Plotting 

PCB fabrication
      Commercial,Industrial & MIL Grade & UL 94-V-0
      Rigid & Rigid Flex
      Metal Core of Cu & Al.
      Bare Board Tests Flying Probe and Bed of nails
      Micro section ( to put reports of Akni and Cidav / PCB

      Polyimide, Rogers, Arlon, Isola, Nelco
      Glass epoxy (GF)Laminate Nema fr4 1.6,2.4,3.2 & 3.6mm
      Polymide (GI) Laminate
      Teflon base
      Thermounth epoxy & ploymide base

PCB Assembly
      Prototype Assembly
      BGA And Micro BGA Assembly
      Through-Hole assembly
      Surface-mount Assembly
      cable & Harnesses Assembly

      Hot Air Leveling (HASL)
       75 microns cu.
      Tin Lead Flow
      Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold
      Immersion Tin
      Electrolytic and Selective Nickel/Gold

Assembly of components

  Tools & Skill Sets
Orcad Allegro Zuken CAM 350
Schematic Yes Yes Yes No
Library & Footprint Yes Yes Yes No
Placement (bothside) Yes Yes Yes Partial
Routing Constrain Yes Yes Yes Yes
EMI/EMC & Thermal Yes Yes No No
Signal Integrity No Yes No No
DRC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes

Tools & Skill Sets

      OrCAD - Schematic Entry , Library creation , placement , routing and gerber generation
      Cadence Allegro - Library creation , placement , routing, EMI / MC & Signal Integrity,
         generation of gerber , design files and reports .
      Zuken CADSTAR - Schematic Entry , Library creation , placement , routing and gerber
         generation, color plots and printouts from A4 TO A0 size.
      CAM 350 - Gerber editing, modification, nc drill generation