We have a vast technological experience that enables us to have up-to-date technology methodologies like SMD, BGA, FPGA, ASICs, HMCs, etc.

JDT has executed various parameters for the output of custom built projects like Mixed Signal Boards, CPU Cards, Mother Boards, Power Supply Boards for High Speed, and Complexity Boards by meeting differential pairs and by length matching of signals.

We have executed up to 28 layers of card and are able to supply MLBs of flex and rigid PCBs. We have excellent component level knowledge to carryout the layout CAD design and also we made latest components library of more than two thousand components. Further, we have designed high frequency, mixed signals, power supply cards and have also devised methods to take care of Signal Integrity, EMI/EMC and Thermal Parameters. We are introducing new signals/ circuit tracks as per the end user requirements and finally supporting the PCB fabrication including - both double and Multilayer PCB’s.

Offer to sell fine quality digital hardware design, microprocessor layouts, microcontroller designs, microcontroller design layouts, microcontroller layouts

Tools & Skill Sets

     •  OrCAD - Schematic Entry , Library creation , placement , routing and gerber generation
     •  Cadence Allegro - Library creation , placement , routing, EMI / MC & Signal Integrity, generation of gerber , design files and
         reports .
     •  Zuken CADSTAR - Schematic Entry , Library creation , placement , routing and gerber generation, color plots and printouts
         from A4 TO A0 size.
     •  CAM 350 - Gerber editing, modification, nc drill generation


Creating schematic symbols and foot prints

     •  BGAs & Micro BGAs
     •  SMD & Fine pitch components
     •  Through hole components
     •  Special components
     •  Schematic Entry
     •  PCB Placement & Routing
     •  Constraints Setting
     •  Auto & Manual routing
     •  Fine mil vias and traces ( tracks)
     •  Layer stack up and optimization
     •  SMT,BGA & Micro BGA
     •  Double & Multilayer
     •  Flex & Rigid Flex
     •  Blind and Buried Vias
     •  High speed designs
     •  High Pin count & Fine pitch BGA
     •  Differential pair, length matched & impedance controlled
     •  Multi plane / power designs
     •  DFX
     •  Analysis & Report
     •  Testability
     •  Manufacturability- mechanicals , placement, sizes of tracks , vias , spacing.
     •  Multilayer /
     •  multi size panelization
     •  Thermal – Pre and post
     •  SI – Cross talk / reflections / etc
     •  Pspice
     •  EMI/MC– Placement & routing based on exp.

  Tools & Skill Sets
Orcad Allegro Zuken CAM 350
Schematic Yes Yes Yes No
Library & Footprint Yes Yes Yes No
Placement (bothside) Yes Yes Yes Partial
Routing Constrain Yes Yes Yes Yes
EMI/EMC & Thermal Yes Yes No No
Signal Integrity No Yes No No
DRC Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes